Dinner Theatre, Inc.
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DINNER THEATRE, INC. Although not officially about the Meadowbrook, Meadowbrook produced many shows for other Dinner Theatres leased and operated in partnership with the property owners. I thought it important to include these in our website. Meadowbrook promoted the Dinner Theatre concept across the country. Some only presented a couple of shows while others had a somewhat longer run of shows. Hope I haven't forgotten any but here is a list of them as I recall them. If there is any additional material to view a link has been made, look for the star.       In no particular order they were: Bradford Roof Dinner Theatre, Bradford Hotel, Boston, MA Westchester Dinner Theatre, Yonkers, NY Holiday Inn Dinner Theatre, Holiday Inn, TN Sheraton-Jefferson Dinner Theatre, Sheraton Hotel, St. Louis, MO Wedgewood Dinner Theatre, Glen Cove, NY Cocoanut Grove Dinner Theatre, Ambassador Hotel, Los Angeles, CA Town and Country Dinner Theatre, Brooklyn, NY Vogue Terrace Dinner Theatre, McKeesport-East McKeesport , PA
Revised: 11/02/2015