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Perhaps we should call this page the Barbara Nolan page. Barbara performed in many capacities at Meadowbrook, wardrobe department, reservations hostess, and finally theatre party sales. It contains ‘back-stage’ photos of Barbara with many of the personalities that appeared at The Meadowbrook, as well as some of her co-workers. (Photos courtesy of Barbara Nolan.)
Barbara and Alan Jones (”The Fantastics”)
Barbara and Orson Bean (”The Odd Couple”)
Imogene Coca in the robe that Barbara made for her. (Imogene took it with her when the show closed.)
Barbara and Jerry Lester (”The Jerry Lester Snow”)
Barbara and Wally Englehart
Barbara and Henry Morgan
Barbara and “the bosses”
Bob Miller (Reservations Manager), Barbara Nolan and seating captains all dressed for “The Wayward Way”.
Cast members of “The Fantastics”
LaRue Watts and Imogene Coca
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Barbara passed away on October 29, 2018. Click here for her Obituary. We miss you Barbara.
LaRue Watts and Luba Lisa (Sweet Charity)