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WHAT’S NEW (Items that may have been added since your last visit)
DATE ITEM 10/19/2023 Jimmy Dorsey at The Meadowbrook broadcasting on CBS, donated by Alan Cooper, thank you. 09/06/2023 Actual menu from the opening of the Dinner Theatre. 01/18/2023 Frank Dailey’s Meadowbrook menu from 1949, contributed by Carole Rumpf, thank you. 10/13/2022 Additional items added to Frank Dailey era pages. 06/07/2022 An actual Dinner Theatre Menu, contributed by Barbara A. Miller, thank you. 10/28/2021 New York Times article about Ruth Webb (Theatrical Agent) - just a fun read. 03/28/2020 More items were added to the Frank Dailey era pages. 10/07/2019 New items from the Frank Dailey era were added. 6/04/2019 New items from the Frank Dailey era were added. 09/16/2018 New Production photos from “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” starring Mamie VanDoren, some new photos of Guy Lombardo on stage at the Meadowbrook under the ‘People’ pages. 09/15/2018 Some new items from the Frank Dailey era have been added. 06/01/2018 Editor’s Elective “Their Last Resort, The Meadowbrook” an article from The Paterson News, 1975. After the closing the article reveals some memories from Dave Deigan (Public Relations) naming names. You should enjoy the read. (Click on the link above.) 04/19 & 06/02/2018 New Items added to ‘Dailey Era’, new photo of Carl Sawyer & Gary McHugh in ‘People’ page. 04/10/2018 Want to know more about John’s Theatrical Career? Click on John’s Scrapbook link on the home page. You’ll find lots of material from his career prior to Meadowbrook. 03/27/2018 A book of press clippling was found. Newspaper reviews were added for “The Apple Tree”, “The Boy Friend”, “The Man of LaManucha”, “Hello Dolly!”, “Forty Carats” and “Plaza Suite” which can be accessed under the list of productions. 03/26/2018 NJ Drama Critics Award Program for 1974 02/01/2018 Suburban New Jersey Life Article (1972) 12/14/2017 Dinner Theatre Inc., Programs