John H. Beaumont, worked at the Meadowbrook Dinner Theatre in Cedar Grove, New Jersey from 1959 until the fall of 1973. John joined the Meadowbrook in the position of Assistant Stage Manager and eventually became Producer.  Whether or not you are familiar with the Meadowbrook I’m sure you’ll enjoy browsing through these memories.
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Welcome to the Meadowbrook Project This      site      is      in      celebration      of      the Meadowbrook   Dinner   Theatre.   For   those   who know     about     the     Meadowbrook,     go     and explore.      For   those   who   don't,   there's   a   short history    of    the    Meadowbrook.    Click    on    the 'About   the   Meadowbrook'   tab   above.   I   hope you enjoy yourself. Just   how   extensive   is   this   website   -   well,   as of   today,   there   are   over   275   web   pages   and   over   2,700   photos.   So   expect   to   spend   some time   if   you   want   to   find   everything.   More   importantly,   have   fun.   The   site   is   still   growing   so you'll   need   to   check   back   often   or,   if   you   wish,   add   your   name   and   email   address   on   our contact  page and we'll let you know when changes have been made.
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